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Mr. M K Shah, the founding father of M K Tea Group, was a man of strength and vision. His clear goal was to become a market leader in the production and marketing of tea. Born in 1931 in a remote village of Gujarat, Shah showed early signs of possessing uncommon business acumen. At the age of 20, he migrated to Kolkata and took up a job at a private tea broking firm and this, as they say, is where it all began.

Colonial India was at its peak and he started learning more about the business of tea. Popular amongst his clients for his valuable insights and passion for detail, he soon started his own private broking practice. Agency houses and smaller companies relied on his valuable offerings and quality products. He frequently visited tea estates and learnt early that the largest successes was reserved for those who offered genuine teas on a consistent basis. He managed to create a personal goodwill for providing genuine teas at affordable rates - the likes of which was rare in those heady days of slash and earn.

Progressing to a retail outlet in the coveted Bagri Market, Kolkata, he had on display the best tea blends there were to offer alongside the private broking wing of the company.

It is often said that dreamers with determination are gifted with the wings they deserve. The company opened its doors to global sales with one of the most admired FMCG companies in Poland.

The company launched its maiden brand, M K Supreme, in 1984 through a tender for the Polish Government. Packets of MK Supreme eventually found their way into Russia and it became an instant hit with the locals there, who were looking for a strong brew at affordable prices.

To cater to increasing demand for their products, the company introduced two other brands soon after- MK Sulaimanih and MK Rajah. These brands became a household name in Russia and are tea legends today, due to their consistency and quality over the years.

Like all growing businesses, backward integration became increasingly important, so Mr. Shah acquired the Nangdala Tea Estate in 1990 in the Dooars region of West Bengal. In 1999, he purchased the prestigious garden of Koilamari. By 2001, Williamson Magor's record deal added the renowned Tea Estates of Gingia, Seajuli and Majhulighur to M K Tea's collection.

Having founded the M K Group, Mr. Shah believed that the victory of every progressive organization depends on the individuals who make up its core strength. Armed with the dream of becoming one of the largest producers of quality tea across the globe, he credits the success of the organization to his dedicated team.

The company is a convergence of 7,000+ proactive individuals who have a unified goal for the group. With great expertise in their respective areas of on-site plantations, production, management, distribution and promotion, each team member brings in, experience, knowledge, dedication and foresight.

Right from the General Manager of a 600 hectare tea garden to the tea plucker who meticulously plucks only the most succulent leaves from the bush, every team member of this group tries to pull his or her weight in the same direction.

Did you Know?

Each plantation has facilities to process and make use of naturally occurring fertilizers such as horticulture tea waste, vermi-compost, cow-dung, leaf compost etc to enrich the soil, as opposed to usage of heavy chemicals and pesticides.