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Every great product is a result of high intention, research, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution. We believe that tea production also goes through the same paradigm. From the budding stages at the plantations to the tea pot of the end customer, our tea goes through a streamlined method of production.

Moreover, Tea being a natural product, is diverse in character. Hence our team strives to establish comprehensive work process systems that allows us to apply the finest techniques of science and technology to a natural product such as tea. At the same time this is always done ensuring that we keep the plant's integrity and authenticity intact.

The Science of Quality Tea

8. Mature Tea Bush

Selective Cuttings from Self Generated Mother Bushes

1. Vegetative Proportion

Selective Cuttings from Self Generated Mother Bushes

2. Plants in Nursery

Careful selection of healthy plants.

3. On field Planting

Stakes planted in same direction as per nursery growth on the north-south axis to reduce mortality

4. Young Tea

Our young tea management programme & proprietary ground application strategy ensures shortest possible time to achieve maturity

5. Pruning of Young Tea

Pioneers of 3-Step pruning process to increase lateral growth of plants

6. Young Tea Brush

Previous steps achieve maximum young tea yields

7. Pruning of Mature Tea

Maintaining the 3 year pruning cycle to optimize quality

  • Infinite Variety

  • We understand that tea can be infinite in variety, changing subtlety with the natural alchemy of sunshine, soils, wind, rain and temperature. Hence, we treat every unique plant differently and have invested in a Science based Research & Development programme. Individuals working in this segment are experts and work with Team M K at every stage of the production process.

  • Quality Control

  • Achieving world-class quality is one of our missions. The technical and quality control team help us maintain the highest standards at every stage from raw material sourcing to delivery of the products.

    Each product passes through rigorous testing at our in house labs with each progressive stage.

  • Clean & Hygienic

  • Clean and Hygienic - We also take necessary measures to keep our facilities clean and hygienic and make certain that all our products are up to the mark. Hence, there is no compromise on the consistency, quality and taste of the product. Our manufacturing units are constructed up to optimum standards and hold numerous quality certifications

  • Budding Stage

  • Right from the budding stages at the nursery, we give attention to detail at every stage of the plant's growth.

    It is carefully monitored from root to tip until the plant is ready for the further processes.

  • Controls

  • We believe in integrity and discipline with effective management controls to produce, the best quality tea, and to compete at the highest level with lower costs for the entire satisfaction of our Valuable Customers'.

Did you Know?

The M K is a 100% family owned tea company.