Hattialli Tea Estate

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Hattialli Tea Estate


  Tea Garden: Hattialli Tea Estate
  Total Grant Area: 701.84 Ha.
  Area Under Tea: 419.73 Ha.
  Workers: 1967


Hattiali, in the regional language literally translates to "the elephant is coming". Traditionally, this area has had a high population of elephants, which are attracted to the good quality vegetation and fruits that grow in this area. Over the past several decades, Hattiali teas have created their own legacy, and were known as the queen of the famous Jokai Group of Tea Gardens. With a clonal area of 201 hectares out of a total of 419.73 hectares under plantation, Hattialli produces around a million kg annually.


The estate uses ground spray of soluble fertilizers at regular interval for maximum utilization in the crop field.

Tea waste & liquid cowdung juice is used by the estate an organic spray in the field.

The estate has its own production of vermicompost unit to improve the soil fertility.

Awards & Accolades:

It is famous for the golden tippy high quality orthdox teas, with its liquor maintaining the right balance between briskness and mellowness. Hattiali teas are a brand unto itself, and till today, the luxury store "Harrods of London", sells this premium quality loose leaf teas under the single-origin estate name Hattiali.



CSR Activities:

  The estate houses two Primary Schools from class 1 to 5 for the children of the employees

  One school bus for higher studies of the children outside the estate

  The company has provided land for construction of 6 'aanganwadi centers' at each labour line for pre-primary education & health care of the children of the age group of 3 to 6 years.

  One central creche houses all basic facilities for the children of age group 0 to 2 years.

  Two playgrounds for outdoor games.

  Two recreation clubs for employees.

  5 centres of worship for the employees.

  The estate has providing land for a community market house.

  One 28 bed hospital along with ambulance facility for employees of the estate.

Did you Know?

Globally documented as P 126, this clone has been developed at the M K Tea Panitola Plant.